YOKEZ (叶⽟棂)

With sweet vocals and a bright personality, Singaporean Mandopop singer-songwriter Yokez has been winning over crowds with her positive energy.

In June 2018, she released her debut 5-track self-penned Mandopop EP, with her duet love song《你的出现》entering the Spotify Top 50 Viral Tracks Malaysia All Genre Chart. Till date, the EP has been streamed over 1.5 million times on Spotify.

Yokez’s songwriting journey started at the age of 19, where she tried writing her first song for a songwriting competition. That song garnered her a place in the Grand Finals, kickstarting her songwriting journey and later, scoring her an exclusive songwriter agreement with Singapore’s first independent music publisher, Touch Music Publishing.

Yokez’s sweet sound and vocal abilities have also opened doors for collaborations with top-notch producers in the industry. Her vocals have been featured in several productions, including《如果你爱我》in【爱●制作试验专辑】and《鸿鹄叹》in【⾳乐合 VIII 落意赋CD 国⻛精选合辑】. Her own composition, 《等待》, was also released as part of the《⾳乐合Ⅲ》album.
In 2019, she sang《你有没搞懂》,the OST of Chinese web drama 「我的盖世英雄」.

In 2020, she released her co-written single《爱蒸发》as part of the TOUCH30 album. In 2021, her original composition《祝福你的歌 My Blessings》was awarded “Best Melody” in the SG:SW I Write The Songs 2020 songwriting competition.

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