Kickstart your Craft Journey Today with our Virtual Workshops!

Staying home during the Pandemic in Singapore? Looking for a virtual activity for a company get together to learn a new skill and enhance bonding?

Why not try out our Virtual Workshops for created specifically for company get-together sessions and start your craft journey with us today!

Virtual Workshops Singapore

To make it easier, we have divided our virtual workshops into those that require specialised materials for local participation, and those that use materials that can be easily acquired and prepared by your attendees to cater for regional or global participation.

The one off fee for our instructor only virtual workshops means that you get a bigger bang for your buck with workshops that will work with home sourced materials, averaging $15 for 20 participants!

Don’t forget to check out our Virtual Events section for more great deals!

Virtual Workshops (Instructor Only)

We recommend a class of not more than 50pax unless otherwise stated

Virtual Workshops (With Materials)

We recommend a class of not more than 50 pax unless otherwise stated

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