Virtual Dinner and Dance Bundle


Looking to hold a Virtual Dinner and Dance?

Celebrate company unity in these tough times and show your appreciation for your staff and fellow colleagues with Event Services Singapore‘s Virtual Dinner and Dance Bundle!

The Bundle comes with all the basic items for your upcoming Virtual event, making it a breeze for your planning and budgeting process!

Virtual Dinner and Dance Bundle

(up to 2 hours of showtime with up to 2 hours of setup/rehearsal time) Includes;

  • Fully Equipped Studio with Green Screen, Audio, Lighting and 1 x Camera for performers to broadcast from.
  • Choice of one Show Host featured in our Virtual Events Category (subject to availability)
  • One Professional DJ
  • Basic Virtual Photo Booth Package or Virtual Showtime Performance
  • Design of EDM and Virtual Backdrop (Max 3 changes, terms and conditions apply)


  • Show time can be changed for a Pre-recording of a 2 piece band featured in our Musicians Category at additional $600 (do enquire with us on applicable vocalists)

Terms and Conditions apply. Bundle does not include online registration management or streaming platform.

Contact us to book our Virtual Dinner and Dance Bundle today!

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