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Here at Event Services Singapore, you can choose the vocalist you want and then we can build a band around him or her. This can be a two piece, three piece or even a six or eight piece band.

Choosing the Vocalist first can be beneficial because the voice of the vocalist can set the tone and style for the rest of the band. The voice of the vocalist is often one of the most distinctive and memorable elements of a band’s sound. Additionally, the vocal range and style of the vocalist can influence the selection of instruments and the way they are played.

For example, if the vocalist has a high-pitched voice, the band may include instruments that complement that range, such as a guitar or keyboard that can hit higher notes. On the other hand, if the vocalist has a lower voice, the band may choose to include bass guitar or drums that can provide a deeper, fuller sound. Overall, choosing the vocalist first can help create a cohesive sound for the band.

Check out our selections of Vocalists below and drop us an email today to create and engage the perfect band for your upcoming event!


Pop and Top 40s

Mando-Pop / Canto-Pop

Looking for a musical performance that is a bit different just just having a plain old band? How about an Acapella Group?

Acapella (or a cappella) refers to music that is performed without any instrumental accompaniment. In acapella music, all of the sounds are produced using only the human voice. This includes the melody, harmony, rhythm, and any other musical elements that would typically be provided by instruments.

Acapella music is used in a variety of different musical genres, including pop, rock, gospel, and choral music. Acapella groups consist of multiple singers, each with their own vocal range and part, such as sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses. These singers work together to create complex vocal arrangements that can be both challenging and impressive to listen to.

Acapella music can be performed live or recorded in a studio, and can be used to create both original compositions and covers of popular songs. It’s a unique and powerful form of music that showcases the incredible capabilities of the human voice.

Check out our selections of Acapella Groups below and drop us an email today to add their melody, harmony and rhythm for your upcoming event!

A Capella


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