The JumpStart is a combination of friends, colleagues and music enthusiasts, aiming to give music its deserving new leash of life. As a bilingual acoustic live band, The JumpStart’s music can be easily distinguished through its tight harmonies, which is complimented by the eclectic use of a broad range of sounds and instruments.

The members of The JumpStart, namely Ashton, Nat, CK and Yan Hua have conquered numerous big stages around Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China, and each of them had the honour of performing at large-scale concerts, competitions, and events, such as the President’s Challenge 2015, World IP Day 2014 and island-wide PAssionArts Singing Festivals, as well as showcased for dignitaries such as President Tony Tan. Some of the artistes that they have worked with include popular Singapore singers JJ Lin, Kit Chan, and Taiwanese entertainer Jacky Wu.

Although the members of The JumpStart each have their individual inspirations when it comes to music, their interaction culminates in a creative and refreshing mix of sounds. Through their originals and covers of songs spanning from the 80s to the top 40 hits of today, the band is always geared up towards bringing new creations to the audience.

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Jumpstart Performance Clips 

Don’t just take it from us, below are some clips where you can see and hear Jumpstart to decide if they are the right fit for your upcoming event.

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