Hybrid Dinner and Dance Bundle


Want everyone of your guests to be there at your event but constrained by the maximum capacity of the event venue? Don’t wait, speak to us on our Hybrid Dinner and Dance Bundle!

The Bundle includes all the basic items for your upcoming Hybrid Dinner and Dance, making it a breeze for your planning and budgeting process!

Hybrid Dinner and Dance Bundle

(up to 3 hours of showtime with 2 hours of setup time) Includes;



  • Video Streaming System
  • Laptop for Streaming x 01
  • Streaming Technician x 01
  • HD/4k Camera with tripod x 01
  • LED Panel Lights x 04
  • Camera Operator x 01
  • Gaffer/Assistant x 01

Audio Visual

  • Laptop for Visual Monitor  x 01
  • 42 Inch LCD TV on stand for Visual Monitor x 01
  • Audio mixer and up to 04 x 12inch speakers on stand
  • Wireless microphones x 04
  • Wireless Headsets / Lapel Mic x 02
  • 12inch speaker as audio monitor unit x 01
  • Audio Technician x 01

Backdrop and Design

  • Installation of a 16ft x 8ftH (3.6m x 2.4mH) PVC Wrap Backdrop or a 10ft x 8ftH (3m x 2.4mH) Green Screen
  • Design of EDM and Backdrop Design (Max 3 changes, terms and conditions apply)

Terms and Conditions apply. Bundle does not include online registration management or streaming platform.

Contact us to book our Hybrid Dinner and Dance Bundle today!

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