Green Screen Virtual Broadcast Studio (Plus)

$2,500.00 for 4 hours

With additional features, our Green Screen Virtual Broadcast Studio (Plus), gives you the ability to create floor to ceiling backgrounds as well as more customized content to enhance your Visual Event. The studio provides you with what you need to create and deliver high quality broadcast via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facebook and various other steaming platforms. All you need to do is let us know your requirements and show up!

Green Screen Virtual Broadcast Studio (Plus)

Studio Size: 5m (L) x 3m(W)

Studio Rental for Virtual Broadcast Includes;

  • Rental of Studio up to 4 hours of Broadcast
  • Green Screen Backdrop
  • Sound System
    • 2x Yamaha/Behringer Studio Speakers
    • 4x Midas 16 channel Digital Board
    • 4x Shure SLX Wireless Mics & Receivers
    • 4x Shure Belt Packs
    • 4x Shure Lapel
    • 4x DPA Headsets
    • 1x 8 Track Digital Recorder
    • 4x Sennheiser IEM Beltpack c/w Receivers
  • Lighting System
    • 6x Godox Led Camera Lights c/w Diffuser
    • Video/Camera System
    • 1x TVS Datavideo 2000
    • 1x Datavideo TVS Controller
    • 1x BMD Studio 4k
    • 2x BMD Web Presenter
    • 1x BMD 4k Recorder
    • 1x Datavideo PTZ 250 /
    • 1x Panasonic 4k UC180 Camera c/w Tripod
  • Broadcast System
    • 1x Vmix / Mimo Software / Server
    • 3x 32 inch Comfort Monitor
    • 3x 42 inch Control Monitors
    • 2x Show Macbook Laptop
    • 1x lot Dsan Audioport
    • 1x Micro Cue
    • 2x Behringer usb audio interface

Terms and Conditions apply. Client to provide own video conferencing platform, i.e, Zoom, Microsoft Team, Webex, etc

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