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Emcee Eddie Singh

EDDIE SINGH is your guarantee to a great day of FUN!

Eddie has been Hosting since 2000 and with his 20 years of experience in the entertainment Industry, his humor & his versatility have won the hearts of AUDIENCE around.

Eddie has performed brilliantly at many multinational organizations, prestigious corporate, government bodies and production companies. Eddie comes highly recommended with an armful of satisfied clients. He injects zest and high energy fun in all his shows. Moreover, he can speak in English, Malay, Mandarin as well as Hokkien, in another words, Multi-Lingual. He is the perfect entertainer for a perfect Annual Dinner & Dance | Family Day | Launches | Roadshows etc.

From 2000 till date, Eddie has performed close to a 1000 D&Ds , 200 + Roadshows, 400 + Outdoor Events ( Eg. Family Days / Team Buildings etc ) and 100 + Oveseas / Special Events.

Details to note:

  • Booking includes one pre-event meeting
  • Emcee will arrive one hour before the event starts

Dinner and Dance Bookings - FAQ

  • What comes with an Emcee booking for a Dinner and Dance?
    • An Emcee Dinner and Dance booking comes with a pre-event meeting (Virtual or Physical) and a 30 minutes technical run before the event begins.
    • A Dinner and Dance booking also comes with a DJ who will provide background music, audio effects and support the emcee in their game delivery.
  • What is the typical duration of a booking?
    • A Dinner and Dance booking is typically in block of 4 hours.
  • Is the price affected by the number of hours?
    • For Dinner and Dance bookings, the price remains the same even if the hours are lesser. If the event slightly overruns, the price remains the same.
  • Are Rehearsals Chargeable?
    • 30min Technical Runs are included in the booking price and this is for you to update the emcee on any last minute changes, go through name pronunciations and any other last minute details.
    • Any rehearsal on a separate day is chargeable.
    • Any rehearsal on the same day that takes place more than one hour before the event starts is chargeable.
  • When should I schedule the pre-event meeting?
    • You should schedule the pre-event meeting no less than 2 weeks before the event. This is so that the emcee has the latest program and the conclusions of the meeting stays as current as possible relative to the event date.
  • What do I need to prepare for the pre-event meeting?
    • Background of any awards or special segments you have at the event.
    • The latest program for the event.
    • Exact names and Titles for the dignitaries that you need the emcee to announce.

Do I need an External Audio System?

  • Can I use the audio system provided by the venue?
    • Typically, venue in-house systems can be used for announcements and background music which is more than adequate for basic conferences and workshops as well as weddings.
    • Most venue systems have a Compression System in place that reduces the overall dynamic range of the audio output by cutting it when it surpasses a certain level. Very often, this level is just above regular vocal range. This is done to protect their audio system from misuse but also has the unfortunate effect of dampening the vocal range of singers and instruments as well as audio tracks played by an entertainer.
    • Should you have an event that has any form of live music (DJs, Bands, Professional Entertainers, or emcees w/ their DJs); the venue will often advise you to engage an external AV vendor.
    • Please note that venues equipped with ceiling speakers are not ideal for DJs, live bands, or any form of high-impact music, as these speakers typically lack the necessary low-frequency response and bass capabilities.
  • What do I need to check with the venue if I am engaging an emcee for a Dinner and Dance Event
    • You will need to let your venue know that you will be having an Emcee with a DJ for your event and if the DJ can tap onto their system.
    • If they are agreeable for the above, do let the venue know that DJ will need to connect 03 x XLR cables to their Audio Mixer.
  • Does Event Services Singapore supply audio systems?
    • Yes, we do provide audio, visual and lighting systems suitable for most events. Please do check out our Equipment section for more information. Alternatively, you can also consider our Event Planning Bundles for a package that is suitable for your event.

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