1023 (TenTwentyThree) Acapella

1023 is an a cappella group made up of six avid singers (and music geeks).

As born-and-bred Singaporeans who grew up in a multi-racial, cosmopolitan society, the sextet is intrigued by music of all cultures and genres, and often explore novel ways to fuse traditional and contemporary music elements into their performances.

Since their debut at the 8th ASEAN Para Games in 2015, 1023 has worked with the Esplanade for the Voices – A Festival of Song event series, performed at the largest Lunar New Year street parade in Singapore – Chingay, released several videos, and performed at a variety of corporate and community events.


Although 1023 adopts a wide range of performance styles spanning various genres and eras, the group is particularly fond of working with music which each of its members grew up listening to.

To date, 1023 has revisited familiar Malay poems and rhymes, Mandarin and Tamil folk songs, iconic pop songs in Hokkien and Cantonese, as well as timeless English pieces.

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1023 (TenTwentyThree) Acapella Performance Clips 

Don’t just take it from us, below are some clips where you can see and hear 1023 (TenTwentyThree) to decide if they are the right fit for your upcoming event.

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